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Suicide By Sea
Killing yourself by walking into the ocean.
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"The tides shall drift my sins away,
as the sea embraces my cold body

This is an example of being Driven to Suicide in which you walk into a body if water, such as an ocean, lake or river, and drown in it. This usually happens at nighttime for a calm, painless death. The scene itself will most likely use dialog of Rule of Symbolism using "drifting away" metaphors.


Live-Action Films
  • Norman Maine does this in A Star Is Born after his star fades and his depression worsens.
  • A flashback to P.L. Travers' childhood in Saving Mr. Banks involves her stopping her mother from walking into a lake.

Western Animation
  • The Walt Disney Presents episode "The Goofy Success Story" has Goofy attempting to do this, when he is distraught at not receiving an Oscar, as a Shout-Out to A Star Is Born. Thankfully, he's saved when he gets a telegram offering him a big role.
  • The Simpsons episode "Homer the Moe" has Moe's bartending professor die this way.

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