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Coffin Savior OR Reaper Rescue
A dead person saves the life of, or provides needed aid to, another, while actually being dead.
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You may have noticed two different YKTTW drafts involving a coffin saving a life, this one and Saved By The Coffin. Since I can be perceived of having a bias, I would like my fellow Tropers look and see if these two are the same, or are different and require different Tropes. Also if they are the same, state which one is more Tropeworthy.

Here is a link to the other YKKTW Draft.

A dead person saves the life of, or provides much needed aid to, another after death, while still being dead.

This can happen in several different ways, the most common are listed below.

See also Dead ex Machina for when a character thought to be dead or undead is the savior.

As a Death Trope, all spoilers will be unmarked ahead. Beware.



  • Tales Of The Black Freighter - A comic-within-the-comic from Watchmen. The protagonist's ship is sunk by the Black Freighter, leaving him the only survivor. Like the SNL example above, the would-be hero of the story uses the corpses of his dead crewmates to create a raft. He heads back to his Doomed Hometown to warn them of the pending arrival of the Black Freighter, but sees that they're already there, so he starts killing the evil pirates. Then he discovers that they hadn't been there - in his deluded state he was killing perfectly innocent townsfolk. The Black Freighter finally arrives and he swims out to become another crewman on the ship, dooming himself to an eternal hell for his actions.


  • Bad Boys 2 - Marcus hides under the sheet covering a cadaver when some evil minions show up during the pair's investigation.

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Harry is saved from falling off an overpass into traffic by catching the dead girls arm that is hanging out of the coffin.

  • Panic Room - The previous owner of the house had a panic room built for himself, this panic room ends up saving the next tenants when a group of thieves invade the home. However, the owner also hid the object the thieves were after in the same room.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Jack Sparrow uses the coffin of a dead inmate to escape a prison at sea by hiding in said coffin, later uses the corpse's leg bone as a paddle.

  • The Incredibles - Mr. Incredible eludes Syndrome's drone by hiding behind the skeleton of one of Syndrome's previous victims.

  • Titanic - Rose's voice is hoarse and nearly inaudible as she tries to shout her location to the life-boat that has returned looking for survivors, so she slips into the water and swims to a nearby dead Titanic crewmember and uses his whistle to get the living saviors attention.


  • The Count of Monte Cristo - Dantes escapes the Chateau D'if by quickly removing the body of his dead friend the Padre Faria from its wrappings, hiding the body in the previously dug tunnel, and taking its place in the wrapping.

  • Harry Potter - In The Goblet Of Fire Voldemort uses his father's bone to resurrect himself.

  • Moby-Dick - After the ship sank and Ishmael was treading water knowing he was going to die, Queequeg's coffin which had been made for Queequeg before his death, though never actually used, shoots out of the water and provide's Ishmael with what is essentially a narrow raft.


  • Saturday Night Live - A skit made recently after the release of Titanic when two black passengers of the infamous ship survive by building an elaborate ship out of the frozen corpses of the white passengers.

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