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Such Plentiful Organs
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Up for Grabs. I know we have Extra Eyes and Eyes Do Not Belong There (and I think there's a trope already for multiple limbs), and multiboobage, but I was thinking about a character having more of other organs than is typical. Compare with Bizarre Alien Biology.

Not sure whether this should be grouped by organ. Named after an instance in Invader Zim.


Extra mouths:
  • In a Slayers light novel, the Rezo clone has has mouths where his eyes should be.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, the true forms of Father and Pride are shadow tentacle monsters made up of eyes an mouths.
  • The Corinthian of Sandman has mouths where his eyes should be.
  • In The Spectacular Spiderman, Venom can manifest a large mouth in the center of his costume, and can talk through it.

Extra ears:
  • Miss Nogard, an initially evil teacher in the Wayside School series had an extra ear on her head that gave her psychic powers. There's also Mr. Dorf who had an extra nostril.

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