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Haggis is Horrible
No character wants to eat their haggis.
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Gabriella Daniels: "Haggis always tastes like ass anyway."
Kenneth Donnelly: "Aye, but in the right hands it can taste like mighty fine ass."
-- Mass Effect 2

Haggis is a Scottish dish prepared using a sheep stomach, oatmeal, suet, and some crazy things that you might not think would go good together in a dish.

In fiction, haggis is often viewed as disgusting, in which case no characters will eat or touch it. Sometimes they might ask what’s in it first, and look dismayed at the answer. Other times they might begin to eat it and spit it across the room in disgust. Whatever the reason, it never seems like anybody wants to eat their haggis.

Sometimes, a character might eat their haggis and like it. Then they might ask what't in it, and be revolted by the answer. This is combined with I Ate WHAT?. A Sub-Trope of Foreign Queasine. Compare Stock Yuck. Not to be confused with Hägar the Horrible.


Anime and Manga

Films-- Live-Action
  • Ramirez in Highlander. Connor calls him a haggis, and he asks what it is. When Connor tells him...
    Ramirez: How revolting!

Films-- Animation


Live-Action TV

Newspaper Comics
  • In one Oor Wullie strip in the Scottish Sunday Post, Wullie is sent to the butcher to get a haggis for Burns Night, despite insisting he'd rather have mince'n'tatties. He persuades the butcher to give him mince in a haggis skin instead.

  • In the play Money Talks, a Running Gag in the second act is various characters attempting to get rid of the haggis the Scottish banker leaves behind.

Video Games
  • Mass Effect 2 has a conversation between Normandy crewmen Gabby Daniels and Ken Donnelly on this subject if Shepard buys equipment and ingredients for Normandy's galley. Donnelly, true Scotsman that he is, apparently quite likes it.

Western Animation
  • There's one episode of Johnny Bravo that has Johnny and the Loch Ness monster fighting over a sack of haggis Johnny bought. Johnny gets it in the end, realizes what's in it, and decides against eating it.
  • In an episode of Samurai Jack, Jack visits The Scotsman's home town, and is presented with a feast of haggis. Jack promptly exclaims "Eww!" and holds his nose.
  • In The Simpsons Groundskeeper Willie tries to sell Haggis at the school fair and makes the mistake of describing the ingredients and saying "Tastes as good as it sounds"
  • Peter Puppy's hatred of haggis is a Running Gag on the Earthworm Jim series.
  • Used in an episode of ProStars, and combined with I Ate WHAT?.

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