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Youíve probably seen it tons of times before. In one episode, everyone is happy and enjoying life. But in the next episode, however, something big goes down. This refers to the former.

Sometimes referenced in-story by either a Dangerously Genre Savvy character trying to warn less Genre Savvy ones, or by one who canít help Tempting Fate. Bonus points if both are used back to back.

May cause mild to extreme Mood Whiplash.

Warning! The following examples may contain spoilers.

Trope examples:

[[Asscaps: Anime and Manga]]:
  • Done in the Bleach anime in the form of seemingly endless Filler before the big fight with Aizen.
  • One of the few times in FLCL when Naota starts to just let go and enjoy his time with Haruhara, the giant hand looming over the Medical Mechanica plant comes back to life.
  • In Kekkaishi, Yoshimori and Gen seem to have finally started to hit it off as friends. Kaguro kills Gen shortly after.

[[Asscaps: Fan Works]]:
  • In The Darkness Within, what seems like a touching reunion between Flare and his sister and Dragonair with Sparkís parents is only meeting them before they die.

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