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Losing Is Fun
Seeing bad things happen to the Player Character can sometimes be entertaining.
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Video Games tend to have clearly defined success criteria, but sometimes a player may instead find losing to actually be as fun, if not more so. Usually involves Video Game Cruelty Potential, as many examples tend to involve everything going horribly wrong in hilarious fashion.

Sometimes, a game may actually have options purely for the purpose of invoking this.


  • Dwarf Fortress is the Trope Namer, where this is the catchphrase of a game that is known for the tales of civilisations that collapse in the most hilarious and crazy ways imaginable, often involving fire, magma, monsters, and Dwarves going insane. Boat Murdered is the most well known example.
  • Lemmings has the nuke option, which makes them all explode in to little bits that then fly across the screen. Often deliberately used after failing a level several times.
  • Happy Wheels is similar to other bike trials games, except that instead of simply cutting to the menu when you fail, your character explodes in a mass of gore.
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