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The Idiot and the brain
When a stupid character talks to his more intelligent brain.
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When a character, usually the idiotic male protagonist asks his brain for help. The brain is smarter than the character, and make you wonder how can the character be so stupid if it have a inteligent brain. Or better, how can he talk to a brain when the brain is not supposed to speak, or have his own mind.

The brain is usually lonely and abandoned. He isn't used as much as any other brain should be. Sometimes hates his owner, or sometimes wish he listen to it.

Not related to Pinky and the Brain... well, not that much.


Video Games

Web Original Web Animation
  • Eddsworld: In Moviemakers, Tom starts doing this while thinking up ideas for the movie's plot.
    "Tom: Dammit Brain, these films suck! How do you expect me to write a good script with this trash?"
    "Brain: How about 'SPACE CATS'?"
    "Tom: That's brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?"

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons:
    • Homer often has discussions with his brain. In one occassion the brain gets fed up with Homer and leaves.
    • Marge and Lisa have conversations with their brains on occaision. In Marge's case, the conversation went all the way to the top of her hair, who said, "Why are you asking me? Your brain stopped three feet ago."
  • Brandy & Mr. Whiskers. This is usually avoided, since Mr. Whiskers hates his own brain, but can't live without him (in a platonic way, mind you, we are talking about Toon Physics, as Mr Whiskers can live without his brain in a literal way) but it happens a few times, asking his brain for help.
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