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Time Passage Beard
A long passage of time is showed passing by a character growing a beard
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A long amount of time passes. A character is shown in the next scene with a (usually comically long) beard. Usually used in cartoons as Rule of Funny and sometimes involves the beard disappearing in the next scene or even being ripped of by said character. Is occasionally used simply with hair length (nearly always in female cases). Not to be confused with Growing the Beard

  • Done in an old Chuck E. Cheese commercial. The voiceover says, "Boring restaurants make you wait...and wait...and wait," while time lapses are shown with a kid sitting at a table waiting, ending with cobwebs and a ridiculously long beard. This is contrasted with the kid excitedly playing games at Chuck E Cheese.

  • Not only does Kenshiro grow a beard in the animated movie in between his assault by Shin and encountering Bat and Lin (And then shaves it using some thug's knife), but he also develops a beard at the start of the second series, shaving it once he finally begins to fight again.

  • Done in Thorgal - after he escapes from caves where time flow was slowed, he wakes up with a long beard the next day. Not at all played for comedy, as the girl he was with had spent most of her live there and got aged into a shrivelled husk overnight.

Fairy Tales


  • In The Kingdom of Gods, Sieh keeps magically aging whenever he uses too much of his power or does anything particularly unchildlike, such as remembering he's a father. Each time this happens, he ends up with a massive beard and head of hair.
  • Arthur Dent grows one of these when he is trapped on Earth 2 million years ago in the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy books.

Live-Action Television
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus: when a milkman's Pizza Boy Special Delivery is Subverted, he's locked in a room with many other milkmen with various lenghths of beard.
  • The Big Bang Theory: the gang goes to the North Pole for three months; when they come back all have big beards (except Sheldon).
  • Crichton does this a few times in Farscape, notably while he's stranded on an alien planet in "Jeremiah Crichton".
  • In the sixth series of Doctor Who, the opening two-parter has the Doctor (who has always previously been beardless) imprisoned for several months and growing a beard. It happens again in the season finale.
    • Also from the revived Doctor Who; in "The Doctor's Wife", Amy stumbles across Rory's dead body in a Room Full of Crazy, having grown a beard, aged, and eventually starved to death. Don't worry, he gets better.
  • House the season 2 finale has House awaken from a coma. He determines roughly how long he had been out (three days) by the amount of growth of his Perma Stubble.

  • In one scene in the "Blood Gulch Chronicles" of Red vs. Blue, Church spends a thousand years standing in a hallway waiting for a computer to fabricate a teleporter (...maybe). By the end of it, Church has a massive beard drawn on his sprite. Played for laughs, given he's in a robotic body at this point.

Newspaper Comics

Western Animation
  • Happens to Superman in the Justice League episode "Hereafter".
  • South Park: when Cartman awakes from a coma, he's got a big beard. But it's just a facewarmer, he's only been out for a day or so.
  • Parodied in an episode of Tiny Toons where Babs is looking for a personal hero in old cartoons. As she sits in the Acme Looniversity archive the camera pans around and when it comes back to her she has a long gray beard and a cane. She tosses the cane aside, then rips the beard off and is about to storm off in frustration but decides to watch one more film.
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