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Suspended Item
Someone leaves so quickly that the thing they were holding hasn't fallen yet.
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Often when a character who's holding something in their hands leaves suddenly and rapidly for whatever reason, whatever it was in their hands is left spinning and floating in midair. This can have a few common types:

1. The item simply falls after a few seconds.

2. The character returns for the item, snatches it out of the air, and leaves again in the same way with it.

3. Someone else takes the item out of the air.

Bonus Points for pulling off several types (or the same one several times) at once.

This can sometimes be Truth in Television, albeit a little more exaggerated. Sometimes when an object is dropped or spun in a certain way it does looking like it's failing to fall.

Compare and contrast Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress.



  • Frisbees work rather like this.
  • Certain levitation tricks as performed by magicians revolve around making an object appear to do this.

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