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Blood From Every Orifice
Spontaneously bleeding from every orifice means imminent death.
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We all know that when a character starts coughing up blood, it's a bad sign, and nosebleeds can be similarly ominous. Therefore, if you want to kick those tropes up a few notches and really hammer home how doomed a character is, just have them bleed from everywhere: mouth, nose, ears, eyes, and even some other places if you really want to gross out the audience.

Such an extreme case of bleeding is usually reserved for deaths that are out-of-the-ordinary; it might be caused by magical or psychic powers, advanced technology, aliens, or just a really nasty and probably contagious new disease.

See also: Blood from the Mouth, Deadly Nosebleed, Psychic Nosebleed, and Tears of Blood.



[[folder:Live-Action TV]] [[/folder]]

  • In Homestuck, poor Sollux endures this twice: first when he's killed by the Vast Glub, and later when he hurls the meteor towards the Green Sun and overexerts his psychic powers. Since his blood is yellow, Karkat describes him as looking like "a packet of nasty fetid mustard."

[[folder:Real Life]]
  • This is a symptom of Ebola and part of why it's such Nightmare Fuel. However, it is possible to survive the disease even if you've made it to the "bleeding from everywhere" stage.
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