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Intelligence Implies Knowledge
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In fiction, smart characters know a lot, which makes sense considering that intelligence can be a side effect of studing and reasoning. But sometimes the former is not a consecuence of the later.

There are cases where an inteligent character will automatically know everything there is to know to of a subject with no background study whatsoever. Just by using his brain, everything will became clear.

In other words, he is able to decifer anything because he is that smarts, therefore Intelligence implies knowledge.

While it may be an good break from reality, it's far from being true. Even the smartest of men wouldn't be able to build an small cellphone without the years and years of accumulated knowledge on physics, chemestry and logic.

Sub-Trope of Possession Implies Mastery and Instant Expert.

Super Trope of Mr. Fixit. Strongly related to Brilliant, but Lazy.
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