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Girls Stare At Scenery, Boys Stare At Girls
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Tails: You're so beautiful.

Do We Have This One?... oh, and I am open to title suggestions.

A more innocent version of All Men Are Perverts, this refers to works that portray male admiration of female beauty alongside female admiration of the beauty of scenery.

Compare Distracted by the Sexy.


  • Tangled, in the I See the Light romantic song that takes place during the breath-taking floating lanterns scene, Rapunzel is admiring the lanterns she always dreamed to see, meanwhile Flynn is looking at her the whole scene.
  • Happens in Megamind in the restaurant scene.
  • A variation happens in Life is Beautiful: Dora and Guido are at the opera together. Dora is watching the opera, Guido is staring at Dora.


  • The song "Standing On the Corner" from the musical The Most Happy Fella, popularly Covered Up by the like of the Four Lads and Dean Martin.

Recorded Comedy
  • The Rap Reiplinger piece "Loving You is Surfing You:"
    Girl: Oh, Renten, isn't the ocean just beautiful tonight?
    Boy: If you looking at de ocean.
    Girl: And the moon. Isn't it love-a-ly?
    Boy: If you looking at de moon.
    Girl: Oh Renten, is so romantic my heart is pounding.
    Boy: I can see dat.
    Girl: Oh Renten, don't you like to look at anything natural?
    Boy: No, just you.

Video Games

Web Comics
  • Oddly inverted by Sinfest in the last panel of this, where Criminiy is looking into his telescope but Fuchsia is staring at him.

Western Animation
  • The first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic seems to have a bit of this; see here for context.
    Spike: Beautiful...
    Twilight: Yes, the decor is coming along nicely. This ought to be quick. I will be at the library in no time; beautiful indeed!
    Spike: Not the decor... HER!
  • Played with in Avatar: The Last Airbender, when Suki and Sokka are looking up at the night sky.
    Suki: It's a beautiful moon.
    Sokka: Yeah, she is.
  • Happened on Batman: The Animated Series, between Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane.
  • Happens in Sym-Bionic Titan when Ilana and Jason are on the roof of the barn looking at the stars. Ilana comments on how beautiful it is and Jason agrees; only he is looking at her and not the stars.

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