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Advertising By Association
Work B is promoted based on its connection to Work A
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A Coming Attractions trope. When a creator is maybe not prominent enough to carry a title on their own, but their work is popular and/or widely loved enough to mean something, the promoters of their latest project will highlight their track record to sell this new thing to people. Sometimes it does give the audience some clues as to what they might expect — a signature line, a Creator Cameo, other tropes said creator is known to utilize.

Can lead to Director Displacement in films and television when the "creator" is a producer - as this name immediately becomes associated with the work, people not bothered to look any further than promotional material will only know them as the creator of it and perpetuate both the displacement and the future of works being promoted by their name as they become more spoken of.

Sometimes may be used as a way to Polish The Turd.

May take the form of:
  • From the writer/director/creator of...
  • From the studio that brought you...
  • From the producer of... - Some people take this as a sign that they had nothing else to sell the audience on.
  • From the Award Winning creator of... - For when they really want to highlight the creator's prestige.
  • From the maker/s of... - They did something important on that film, had a little involvement with this one.

Compare In Case You Forgot Who Wrote It, He Also Did. See also Preview Piggybacking.


Anime and Manga

Film Animated
  • David Kirschner
    • Advertisements for the film Once Upon a Forest said it was "from the creator of An American Tail". This was possibly done to mislead people into thinking it was a Don Bluth film, which it wasn't; David Kirschner produced both films (and came up with the initial idea for An American Tail).
    • Some of the trailers for The Pagemaster also said "From the creator of An American Tail" at the beginning. It was also produced by Kirschner.
  • Many second-rate CGI movies are often labelled as "from the producers of Shrek". That producer in question is John H. Williams, who also produced Valiant, Happily N'Ever After and Space Chimps.
  • Coraline was promoted as "From the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas", leading many people believe that the movie is by Tim Burton. Actually, it's Henry Selick who directed both movies, and Burton was only the producer of The Nightmare Before Christmas and had no involvement in Coraline.
  • Dreamworks Animation movies are often advertised this way, referencing previous Dreamworks All CGI Cartoons, Shrek being usually one of them.
  • Ads for Pixar movies tend to reference previous Pixar films in this manner.

Film Live Action

  • Fred Saberhagen wrote the Novelization of the film Bram Stoker's Dracula. He offered to also write the novelization of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein just so the cover could say "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: by the author of Bram Stoker's Dracula."
  • Exceedingly common in literature, with the cover frequently advertising something akin to "from the New York Times bestselling author of Insert Book Here."
  • The two series Seekers and Survivors are advertised as "From the author of the #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series" right on the covers. For Survivors, fans consider this rather misleading: while Warriors and Seekers have shared the same group of writers and editors under the pen name Erin Hunter for a decade, Survivors has an entirely new team and isn't connected to any of the people responsible for the other two series.
  • John Norman's non-Gor novels have the blurb by the author of the Gor novels on the cover, where the Gor books say "the xth book in the Counter-Earth saga."
  • At least two books by renowned children's author Syd Hoff — "Julius" and "Sammy the Seal" — had the line "(By the) author of Danny and the Dinosaur" somewhere on the cover of some editions.

Live-Action Television

  • News articles about I AM I's lead singer, ZP Theart, tend to introduce him as DragonForce's ex-singer.
  • Recent no-man albums tend to include a sticker that says : "no-man are: steven wilson (porcupine tree) and tim bowness". Which is ironic considering that Wilson considers no-man his main project.

Toys And Games
  • The packaging of the first wave of Hero Factory sets had a label boasting "From the makers of BIONICLE!"

Video Games
  • Rage's box points out that it's "from the creators of Doom and Quake".

Web Original

Western Animation

  • The Screen Junkines Honest Trailers will frequently lampoon this.
  • The first paragraph of Super Paper Mario X starts with a "Creator of" example, like a trailer for a movie, but a Record Needle Scratch occurs halfway through, with the author assuring that "this is not a movie."
  • The Futurama episode "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?" parodies this by having its opening caption read "From the Network that Brought You The Simpsons." (They could have made a big deal out of Matt Groening's name being on the cover of both shows, but they offer their then-shared home on Fox as the key similarity instead.)
  • Parodied in Family Guy, in an unaired cutaway gag from season 9, "Road to the North Pole".
    Stewie: (to Brian) You tried to trick me! Like those commercials for upcoming movies.
    (cut to Stewie watching TV in the living room)
    Announcer: This summer, from the guys who brought you Superbad comes a hilarious new comedy.
    Stewie: Uh, I hate when they do that. Which guy? You know it could be the writers or the guys in the wardrobe department, they don't specify.
    (Stewie changes the channel)
    Announcer: From the studio that brought you Wedding Crashers.
    Stewie: Uh, who cares? It's sure a broad association.
    (Stewie changes the channel)
    Announcer: From the species that brought you Talladega Nights.
    Stewie: Oh what, humans? Who else is making movies?
    Announcer: From the same molecular elements that brought you Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
    Stewie: What?
    Announcer: ...and air!
    Stewie: Fuck off!
  • The trailer for Dudley Do-Right: "From the creator of George of the Jungle, and the star of George of the Jungle, and the acclaimed director who saw George of the Jungle.
  • Parodied by the 2007 Spanish-Italian animated film Donkey Xote. The film had a lot of similarities with Shrek, bordering on plagiarism. Its creators lampshaded this, promoting the film as "From the producers who saw Shrek".
  • Not Necessarily The News once ran a clip of fireworks set to orchestral music while an announcer delivered a bombastic introduction one word at a time. "From! The makers! Of! Police! Academy! 2! Comes!" Cut to an all black screen, music stops. "Nothing of importance."
  • During the Midnight Screenings of The Avengers, while joking about how Battleship flaunts "From the company that brought you Transformers", they come up with a better tagline: "From the language that brought you Hamlet".
  • Parodied in the "Uncle Grandpa Babies" segment with "From the network that brought you Adventure Time and Steven Universe."
  • Homestar Runner: The Peasant's Quest preview advertises it as being "from the company that made that game Trogdor, and that game Rabbit Algebra". (Trogdor was already a playable game on the website, but Rabbit Algebra was made up as a joke just for this trailer and was never playable.)
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