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The Many Storied Life

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Stories have more facets than we can imagine (this whole damn Wiki is proof of that). Stories have power. Stories have meaning. Isn't it reasonable to think that life, of all things, could be one big story? And, like any story, it's got to follow its own rules. And if it doesn't fit those rules, we may have to bend them.

The Many Storied Life is what happens when you have a character who believes that reality isn't just unrealistic, it should be fictive. Maybe they read a bit too much fiction. Maybe they took too many English courses. But either way, in their minds, life fits the structure of a giant story. And if it doesn't, then by God, they're going to make it fit.
Examples of this trope include:
  • The Discworld novel Witches Abroad is about what happens when someone takes the phrase "people tell stories" and turns it right around.
  • The Fair Folk from Exalted live their lives according entirely to what's dramatically appropriate. Their Shaping Combat works entirely by "rewriting" someone or something else's story. The Wyld even has paths known as "waypoints" which operate not by distance, but by where a person is in a particular story.
  • Sansa Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire lives her life according to the tropes of bardic poetry. She gets utterly screwed.
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