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Decade Themed Party
A party centered around a particular decade.
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A common staple in fiction and Real Life. There are always parties which are centered around certain decades which remain firmly in the minds of people (who may or may have not lived such decades) and popular culture. Such parties are usually based around music, fashion, dance styles and/or movies of a decade. The most popular ones tend to be The Fifties, The '70s and The '80s.

This celebration of the past might come from the use of Nostalgia Goggles. As people grow older, they start to miss their youthful days, where things seemed a lot simpler and, well, fun. Hence why these parties are usually organized. Nostalgia is connected to the need of escapism and the need of reminding of what you've left behind, from things like clothes to old friends. However, people also tend to celebrate decades they barely or even haven't lived through just because the fashion seems more appealing or glamorous.

It may include dinners and special meetings around the same theme. An alternative name might be: "Decade Revival Party" or "Retro Decade Party".

Compare Disco Dan, Retraux. May overlap with Camp.


Comic Books

  • The cover of one Archie'sDoubleDigest from the 2000s had the gang at a "retro party". Based on the clothes Betty and Veronica turned up in, we assume the party's organizers had The '70s in mind, but Archie shows up in a caveman costume, calling it "the ultimate retro look."


Live-Action TV

  • An episode of House features an "80's Party". Dr. House comes dressed in 19th century garb because the invitation just said 80's, and didn't specify a century. Doubles as an Actor Allusion due to his role as the Prince Regent.
  • There's an episode centered around an 80's party in Hellcats.
  • In an early episode of 2 Broke Girls the girls are kicked out of a late night laundromat because the laundromat is the location for an 80s themed rave/party with special guest VIKI from Small Wonder. Max is unironically pissed at being too poor to attend. She loved Small Wonder.
  • The Red Dwarf (a Sci-Fi set in the 21st or 24th century, depending on the retcons) episode Balance of Power has a flashback showing the characters at a 90's themed party (there's a sign on the wall in said scene saying "Nostalgia Night 1990s"). The so-called 90's themed party looks like a cross between The '70s (for example, the disco ball) and The '80s (for example, the extravagant, campy clothes). Such cues and many more were taken from said decades because the episode itself was broadcasted in 1988.
  • Several episodes of The Vampire Diaries have featured the main characters attending high school dances themed after certain decades (called Decade Dances in-universe).
  • In Kath and Kim, Kath arrives in her everyday's clothes (which she hasn't changed since The '80s) to an 80's themed party.

Newspaper Comics

  • The main characters in Doonesbury started holding 60's revival parties in the mid 70's, when they were very recent history.


Western Animation
  • In Daria's episode "Life in the Past Lane", Jane is dating a guy, Nathan, who is obsessed with swing dancing and the styles and manners of The Forties. They go to a dance party and to a drive-by cinema meeting centered around said decade.
  • In an episode of The Simpsons, Marge's Old Flame Artie Ziff tries to woo her back by recreating their prom and paying everyone in town to dress like they did in The '70s. (Disco Stu, of course, "is working pro bono.")

Real Life
  • Just google the words of the title. There'll hundreds of matches for all kinds of decade parties, especially from The '80s (which is likely to be the one easiest to represent visually).
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