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Emphasis For Work Names (looking for Hats)
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Main.Administrivia page:

Editing Basics:

How to Write an Example entry: (modify existing entry)
  • State the source: The name of the work the example comes from should be clearly stated, ideally near the beginning of the example. The work's name should be put under the proper namespace (ex. ''VideoGame/TombRaider'' will give you Tomb Raider, ''Film/{{Titanic}}'' will give Titanic). Listing a character name, episode name, or actor's name is no substitute for the series name. (No, not even if you Pot Hole it.) Listing a well known quote and leaving it at that is also clumsy. Being clever is always fun but being clear is much more important. Author's names are also acceptable when referring collectively to multiple series by them.
    • Emphasis For Work Names: Most works are considered "Long Works", and their names should be bracketed by two apostrophes (''), which render the work in italic font. There are two exceptions exist to this rule: Shorter works, like a single song, a chapter title, or television episode, are bracketed with Quotes ("). Personalities and sacred texts, however, receive no emphasis.
      • Long Works are for titles of Albums, Television series, serial magazines. Poems long enough to be published as a novel are also considered Long Works. Most works covered by TV Tropes fall under this category. When in doubt, it is better to use italics, and have it fixed later. Italics help to differentiate the work name from other blue links.
      • Short Works are for titles of songs, Television episodes, essays. Some works covered by TV Tropes fall under this category. Most works in the Recap/ Name Space are episodes or chapters, and need to be put in quotes. When discussing a poem included in a collection of works, that version of the poem is put in quotes, even if other versions of the poem are published as novels, and therefore emphasized with italics. Quotes differentiate the short works from the long works.
      • Personalities are a relatively recent invention; Band names, Wrestling persona, and Character persona are the primary examples of this work type. Works that are linked by a common name or theme, but not a Franchise name, are also included in this category. Examples are Discworld (linked by setting name), Dragaera (linked by the name of the dominant race/empire), and Matthew Swift (Linked by Protagonist Name).
      • Sacred texts, such as The Talmud, are a special example of a work that is linked by a common name or theme, but isn't part of an overall "franchise" name. None of the sub-books receive emphasis either. If you are citing a specific edition of the text, that is the only occasion to use italics. Otherwise, the name is a general statement of the many works that share the same name.
      • NOTE: Citing a TV Tropes page anywhere else follows the same rules. TV Tropes for the website (italics for the website), "Administrivia: Welcome to TV Tropes" for the welcome page (quotes for individual pages), and no emphasis for Troper names.
    • State the Word Of God source (unchanged)
    • Be Specific (unchanged)

How To Create A Work Page FAQ section:
  • What emphasis do I use for the title?:
    Whatever you do, it does not belong in boldface-font. Most works are in italic fonts, made by typing ''italic fonts''. Shorter works have "quote marks" around them, and a select group have no emphasis added at all. For more information, read How To Write An Example#EmphasisForWorkNames.

Welcome to TV Tropes Editing Articles folder:

  • There is a Standard English way to format examples. Titles of films, series, and albums are italicized. Use two separate apostrophes around the title: ''Series/ThePriceIsRight'' for The Price Is Right. Titles of shorter works, such as episodes and songs, are in quotes: "Ride of the Valkyries". Only a few works have no emphasis, and none have boldface font. See How To Write An Example#EmphasisForWorkNames for details. Really, take a look at it.

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