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Because metal isn't just a genre of music, it's a way of life

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They can't stop us let 'em try
For heavy metal we will die!
-Manowar, "Die For Metal".

Also known as headbanger, thrasher, or hesher, the metalhead is a character that started showing up in movies and television shows in the 1980s. As the title implies, he (and it almost always is a "he", although female metalheads do exist) is very passionate about hard rock and heavy metal music and is not shy about expressing it. The metalhead can usually be identified by any combination of the following: long hair, tattoos, piercings, a black t-shirt baring the logo of his favorite band, a black leather motorcycle jacket, tattered denim jeans, or a denim vest adorned with pins and patches. They are also known for using the "heavy metal horns" hand gesture as a way of showing their approval for something.

In popular media the metalhead is often portrayed as being not very bright. He usually has a menial job and dreams of one day being in a successful band. He likes to say "dude" and "awesome" a lot. Although he doesn't have a lot of book smarts, his knowledge of heavy metal is staggering and he can debate for hours what bands should and should not be considered "metal." Other stereotypical things that the metalhead loves are muscle cars, motorcycles, beer, horror movies, violent video games, and (depending on the portrayal) marijuana.


Anime and manga

  • Many minor characters in Detroit Metal City, given that the story centers around a metal band. (The main character is often disturbed by just how metalhead his fans are.)


  • In Airheads, a trio of metalheads/struggling musicians end up taking a radio station hostage while trying to get their demo played.
  • Wayne and Garth from the Wayne's World films and SNL skits are a pair of sardonic, but likable metalheads.
  • The Stoned Age follows a pair of stereotypical metalheads who are trying to get laid during a night in the late 1970s.
  • The drama film Hesher is about a metalhead who helps a young boy overcome the death of his mother.
  • Rock Star (which was originally titled "Metal God") is a film about a 1980s metalhead who suddenly becomes the lead singer of his favorite band after the original vocalist is fired.
  • The titular characters of Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure.

Western Animation

Video Games

  • Most of the good guys in the game Brütal Legend are metalheads. The main character is the world's greatest roadie, and there are even thick-skulled headbangers who overcome their foes by head-butting them to death.
  • The character of Axel Steel from Guitar Hero is a stereotypical metalhead.
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