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Soundtrack Instrumental Version of Theme Song
The theme tune of a TV series or movie is used in instrumental form as background music.
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Sometimes, movies and TV series will feature their theme song as part of the background music of the show itself. This differs from the use of insert songs, which are usually one-use songs and typically do feature vocals.

Some soundtracks do a ton of this. For those, see Theme-and-Variations Soundtrack.

This trope has two main forms:

Form 1: Karaoke Form

Karaoke version of theme song, used in soundtrack. May or may not include backup singers.

Examples of form 1:

Form 2: Instrumental Form

Instrumental arrangement of the theme song, usually by the composer of the soundtrack.

Examples of form 2:

  • The two calmer arrangements of the "Cruel Angel's Thesis" that appear in the last episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • Uta Kata features three of these based on the opening theme and one based on the closing theme; one of the opening theme instrumental arrangements is a fanfare used during the Episode Title Card.
  • Kiddy Grade features an instrumental arrangement of the ending theme in episode 20. Its soundtrack contains instrumental arrangements of the opening and the ending themes.
  • Noir contains a "piano version" (which actually contains a few other instruments) of the ending theme, which is occasionally used.
  • Partial example: The "sound of drums" in the Master's head in Doctor Who is the same beat pattern from the show's theme.
  • The season eight finale of Scrubs, obviously originally intended to be the series finale, finishes with an instrumental version of the theme song.
  • A Treme cold opens ends with a class of students breaking into the theme song. Their teacher groans at their effort. Then, the actual theme song kicks in.
  • Sailor Moon's locket from Season 1 had a musicbox version of the theme song.

Similar instances in other media

  • Final Fantasy VIII's famous soundtrack topper, "Eyes On Me", is remixed for the track "Julia".

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