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My Instincts Are Showing
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A non-human character tries to live amongst humans. He does a good job, but occaisionally his race's normal behavior comes out.


  • Werewolves in Discworld have some doggy instincts even in human form. They tend to wince at the word B.A.T.H., for instance. Although Angua is the only one who tries to suppress these instincts.

  • All over the place in Free Fall
    • Florence is the main target.
      • She puts a bowl of leftovers in the fridge covered in towels. The genetically-modified wolf realizes after she shuts the fridge that her instincts are showing -- she just buried a tupperware bowl.
      • Smacks her nose against the screen when a mouse goes by.
      • Is unable to avoid barking at a cat in an early strip.
      • Has trouble trusting Sam because she thinks he's acting like a low-ranking pack member.
    • Sam is prone to falling back on his scavenger-instincts too, claiming that "Food tastes better when you steal it from a predator", among other things (though often he does this deliberately).

  • From Girl Genius comes Krosp III, Emperor of All Cats - basically, a cat with human-level intelligence, speech, thumbs, and the ability to walk erect... he'd like to claim that his 'cat-instincts' have no hold over him, but Agatha rather enjoys proving otherwise. Using a piece of string.

Western Animation
  • Brain from Family Guy lives this.

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