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Fake Reality Is Better
Up For Grabs: Character prefers the fake reality to actual reality
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A Character knows that they are in a false reality and that nothing around them is real. Once they have discovered this, the only thing that can keep them there is themselves, and they know it.

Yet they choose to stay.

It may be because life is good in the Matrix, and the character realizes that they were happier not knowing what they know now. Maybe they prefer madness to harsh reality. Or it could be that to them the false reality seems more real than the alternative, and it's impossible to tell the difference between what is real and what isn't. Who's to say that something isn't true, if they choose to believe it is?

Often this is a Downer Ending as there's the sense that the character has made the wrong choice in choosing to stay in the fantasy rather than accept reality. In contrast, I Choose to Stay is usually a positive choice, and in those stories the "fantasy" is usually more real or more suited to the character than their original reality.

Not to be confused with I Reject Your Reality, which is more about stubborness.


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