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Talking with the TV
The TV show suddenly engages in a discussion with the protagonist as a mild Mind Screw.
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While enjoying a quiet evening at home, Bob just decides to leave the TV on while doing something else- until suddenly, his attention is drawn to the tv screen. Did that newscaster just call out his name? It wasn't just his imagination- now the TV show is directly addressing him and replying to his questions. Cue the creepy music.

Can be the caused by Gaslighting and Sinister Surveillance or the character just being a genuine Cloudcuckoolander.



  • The Game: Done by the Consumer Recreation Services- the Newscaster lays down some ground rules of the Game to Nicholas van Orton. Bonus Points for actually hiring the regular newsanchor.

Live-Action Television
  • Used a few times in Being Human (UK); it appears to be justified by the souls of the dead being able to use television screens as a medium to communicate with the world of the living.
  • In Farscape episode John Quixote there are several instances of this, with a double of John himself and Stark providing clues to Chrichton on how to win the game.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus episode "Michael Ellis". While Chris Quinn is watching the television program "University of the Air", the surgeon hosting the program talks directly to him.
    • Done as well in the 'Exploding Penguin' sketch.

Video Games

Western Animation

"And that concludes our program for the day. Don't forget to turn your TV off, Bob..."
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