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Roaring contest
Two creatures try to prove their superiority over the other by roaring/shouting,
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Tom is walking along in the jungle, when suddenly a lion appears in front of him. Tom tries to scare the lion off by growling at him, to which the lion responds by roaring very, very loud. Cue Color Failure on Tom's end, along with propably Bring My Brown Pants, though the latter is never actually shown.

Alternatively, Badass Bob is walking along the jungle, when a lion appears. The lion roars for whatever reason, to which Bob responds by roaring very loud. Cue the lion running away, whining all the way.

Sometimes a third roarer is introduced, often the father of a cub. In that case, the order generally goes: Cub roars/mews, Tom roaring back to tease the cub, father lion roaring back and scaring the crap out of Tom.

Seen It a Million Times, yet can't remember a single one right now.

  • Dragon Age: Origins: Happens in a random camp banter between Sten (a Proud Warrior Race Guy) and your Mabari (the super-intelligent war dog). Sten kicks it off and is the first to back away, acknowledging the Mabari as a "true warrior" worthy of his respect.

  • Mowgli and Baloo in The Jungle Book, soon after they first meet.
  • In Avatar, Jake does this to scare off an angry Hammerhead.
  • In the film Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the Thing encounters a bear in the woods. The bear roars at him. He roars back, and the bear scampers off.
  • O'Connell and The Mummy do this.
    • He also does it with Imhotep's guards, with similarly unimpressive results.

  • Happens several times in Tom An Jerry, most often putting Tom in the victim role.
  • Happens between Lanolin and Roy in one episode of Garfield and Friends.
  • Bugs Bunny has a roaring contest with a lion in "Acrobatty Bunny". Bugs eventually agrees that the lion has a point.

  • There's a Garfield strip where Garfield meows loudly at Odie, who barks loudly back at him. They go back and forth, louder and louder, until Odie literally barks the stripes off Garfield.

  • Little kids (and adults too) will often try to make their arguments more forceful by raising their voices resulting in two people or more people who are all yelling at/over each other
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