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Stand-alone Expansion Pack
An expansion pack that is also a standalone game.
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Sometimes, when continuing the story of a previous game, a developer will release a stand-alone sequel with a completely new platform. Sometimes, they'll just release an Expansion Pack, merely adding new features to the original game.

And sometimes, they'll want to have their cake and eat it, too. This trope arises when a game serves a dual purpose as both an expansion pack and a stand-alone game.

Reasons for doing this include:

Compare and contrast: Expansion Pack, Mission Pack Sequel.


  • City of Heroes has City of Villains, a game which is like City of Heroes, except you play as a villain in a new setting. There is Player Versus Player between the two. Both games have now been combined into a single package

  • Guild Wars has Nightfall and Factions, which each introduce a new setting and two new classes.

  • The big Expansion Pack for Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening, can be played as a standalone story (with a completely new cast of characters), if you don't want to import your Origins character. Also, two DLC addons, while tying into the Origins story, are standalone campaigns with a different main characters (Leliana in Leliana's Song and Darkspawn Wanguard in Darkspawn Chronicles).
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