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Using puns while fighting
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In some shows, when in combat a character adds to the humiliation of his foes by throwing puns in every time he/she attacks. Heroes and villains with powers will use puns based on their powers: "Well now, you look positively SHOCKED to see me"; "No need to be so COLD".

Examples: - Spider Man is very fond of puns, to the aggravation of his more serious villains. Whenever he ties up a criminal and hangs him from a lamp post, he'll say, "Sorry to leave you HANGING" before swinging away.

- Captain Planet uses puns based on the elements he controls. Captain Planet: "Time to BLOW away the competition".

-Shera Princess of Power uses puns based on how she leaves her foes after an attack. After throwing two mooks head-first into a wall, she says, "Now that's a way to use your heads".
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