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Sing A Song of Sorrow
When a group or character sings to display their mourning
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A great tragedy occurs within the Five-Man Band, or just a single Hero and it even appears that someone near and dear to them may either be Killed Off for Real or suffered from a Disney Death, or something else tragic. To truly express their state of grief and sadness, this can only call for...

...a song

That's right, (usually) the whole group will Sing A Song Of Of Sorrow to mourn their fallen comrade

May overlap with Amazing Freaking Grace


  • In episode 24 of My Bride Is a Mermaid a large group can be seen singing sadly after hearing about Kai's "diagnosis"
  • Suburban Knights has a solo example with Linkara's Ma-Ti tribute
  • Rugrats Tales From the Crib: Snow White has this after Snow White/Susie falls asleep
  • Tangled has this near the end resulting in a Dark Reprise
  • An American Tail has "Somewhere Out There" between Fievel and Tonya
  • Subverted in Pooh's Grand Adventure has "Wherever You Are" as Christopher Robin isn't "gone" but "missing"
  • Annie has several having to do with her (deceased) parents
  • At the end of West Side Story, Maria sings the reprise of a love song from earlier in the movie while she's holding Tony and chokes up before she can finish.
  • In Dragon Age, after you finish the Dalish quest (where no happy ending is possible), if you Talk to Leliana in camp, she will sing In Uthenera, a traditional Dalish song about the death of an elder.
  • In Iroh's chapter of Tales of Ba Sing Se in Avatar: The Last Airbender, he sings a song throughout the cheery short. At the end, he sits down and cries over the death of his son, still singing. The scene ends with a still frame honoring the death of Iroh's voice actor, Mako.

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