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Kinky Crying
When a character starts tearing up during sex
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Seen It a Million Times in anime and hentai, Needs More Examples, maybe Needs a Better Title?

Alice and Bob have finally, per plot drama, gotten past their differences, worked through their romantic tension, and now are ready and raring to go at it. Cue roses, candles and... tears?

Yup. Sex can, obviously, create a lot of conflicting, intense emotions. If the sex is just that good, one easy representation of it is to have the character tear up a little, much more frequently the "receiving" partner in question. Or, conversely, if it's Their First Time, the crying might be an easier and less squicktastic way of showing the discomfort, or might reflect how well endowed Bob is. However, the crying is almost always going to be only a suggestive welling up of tears in their eyes, not Ocular Gushers, since that's just not hot.

More frequently protrayed in anime and manga, where crying can to be less obvious to be noticeable, as opposed to live action porn. Typically, it's also accompanied by the characters getting hot and bothered since, um, you know. Obviously, a Porn Trope.

In Western works, crying during sex almost always lacks the titillation factor. This is usually very humiliating to the person who cries, which is either Played for Drama or Played for Laughs. If a character does cry, it might be a hint at unresolved issues or some other dark past.



[[folder:Sexual Portrayals:]]
  • Futari Ecchi
  • Moonlight Lady: practically every sex scene has some hint of this, and is both played for drama, during Yura's rape scene and for the kink value.

[[folder:For Drama:]]
  • In the first season of Desperate Housewives, Bree says that Rex does this, during a session where the other girls are saying bad things about themselves, and Bree can't bring herself to publicly admit one of her problems.
  • In the Angels of Mercy series of medical dramas by CJ Lyons, there is the RN, Nora, who cries immediately after hooking up with her primary love interest for the first time. But in this case it was because she hadn't gotten over being raped before she met that primary love interest
  • In the first season of Dexter, Deb cries after having sex with Rudy because she is so overwhelmed by how important the relationship is to her.

[[folder:For Humor:]]
  • Future!Stewie in Family Guy does this when he loses his virginity, and the crying lasted longer than the sex.
  • Bob (the Bob Newhart series where he's a comic book artist): Bob's partner Harlan hires his girlfriend as a colorist, and she's awful - she doesn't color well, and she has a very relaxed attitude towards work because she's the boss's girlfriend. Bob tries to get Harlan to fire her, but she ends up quitting, announcing to the staff that Harlan cries after sex.

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