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Bagging Rights Comparison
Everyone compares their reasons to kill the bad guy
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Well, you can't all kill him.
Nimby, Back To The Divide.

Big Bad guys, as you might have guessed, do not make friends easily. If they are a particular Complete Monster, they will torture, harm and slaughter anyone they feel like. Unfortunately, this may prompt the nearest and dearest of the tortured/harmed/slaughtered to come after them with a vengeance.

So if you do this to lots of people, and they all catch up to you at once, the fun starts.

If the bad guy has been caught in a corner and all their enemies are arguing over who deserves to kill him the most, well, you get this trope.

When providing examples, feel free to list all the characters who want a go at the bad guy but don't list their reasons if they contain significant spoilers. Also, this trope is for when the good guys (or bad guys, for that matter) argue about who has the best reason to want to kill the enemy, not just saying 'this guy has a lot of people out to kill him'.

Compare The Only One Allowed to Defeat You. No relation to Bragging Rights Reward.

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[[folder: Literature]]
  • The page quote comes from Back To The Divide, where Grimspite, Pewtermane, Thornbeak, Ironclaw, Felix, Harshak and Turpsik all argue over who gets to have their way with the captured Snakeweed.
  • In Mariel of Redwall, everyone gives a different reason for why they should be the one to kill the searat Gabool the Wild: Rawnblade because it's his duty to kill searats, Joseph because he swore to do so when he thought his daughter had been murdered by Gabool, Mariel (Joseph's daughter) out of vengeance, Dandin because he has Martin's sword and must kill evil with it, and finally Durry threatens to scrag him to break up the tension. Tarquin completely ends it by striking a noble pose and asking to have a chance to beat Gabool over the head with his harolina since there won't be much left afterwards.
  • Frank Herbert's Dune. Near the end Gurney Halleck wants to kill Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen as payback for all the suffering he endured in the Geidi Prime slave pits and the loss of his sister. Paul Atriedes counters that the Harkonnens killed his father, Duncan Idaho and Thufir Hawat, and forced him into the life of a fugitive. Interestingly, Feyd-Rautha never actually had anything to do with what the Harkonnens did to either Paul or Gurney.
  • Downplayed example: In Mockingjay, the last of the Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss and Coin have an altercation about who should kill President Snow.

[[folder: Western Animation]]
  • Shortly before Mr. Burns is shot towards the end of an episode of The Simpsons, a succession of characters shout about why they're angry at him (conveniently giving us a long list of suspects for the next episode). The list includes Principal Skinner, Willie, Tito Puente, Moe, Barney, Bart, Smithers and Homer (and Marge, who is angry that he's making them all shout like this).

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