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Neutral Devourer
It's neither good nor evil. It's hungry.
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In a work that features two 'sides', heroic and villanous, this 'side', usually a single entity, is not involved with the conflict.

That doesn't stop it from killing and/or eating anyone it can track down and get its claws into; the true mark of the Neutral Devourer is that it is feared by all, is powerful enough to consume whatever is unlucky enough to run into it, and it takes a highly significant amount of effort to destroy one, usually thanks to the intervention of [1] or the [2].


  • Asmodeus the giant snake, from Redwall, counts as one of these. He preys on whoever he runs into... or hunts down. Woodlanders and vermin alike are scared of him. He ends by becoming a Climax Boss on Matthias's quest to recover the sword.
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