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Zillionaires Pocket Change
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"Let's see. What's the smallest amount of money I can think of? A thousand dollars!"

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One way to establish that a character is super rich is to have them refer to or treat a large sounding amount of money like most people would treat their pocket change. May overlap with Money to Burn.

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Anime & Manga
  • Hayate the Combat Butler. When Hayate is told to spend a few days away from the mansion because Nagi's embarrassed, he's given one million yen (~$11,000 US, 8,000). Which he promptly loses. It gets returned to the mansion and Maria counts it, stating that it's almost exactly what he was given for living expenses. Nagi passes by the table and asks what all the chump change is.

  • In Coming to America, Eddie Murphy gives a bum his "pocket change" which is thousands of dollars.
  • In Two Weeks Notice, Hugh Grant's character has Donald Trump levels of wealth, so he thinks nothing of paying a hundred dollars for a pastry and a paper and then letting the guy keep the change.
  • In Richie Rich, Richie want to play ball with some local kids, but they demand he bet ten dollars first. Richie then takes out ten thousand dollars before being corrected.

  • Comes up in The Count of Monte Cristo when the title character tries to open an unlimited line of credit with Danglars, and is offered a million francs instead:
    "But could I do with a million?" retorted the count. "My dear sir, if a trifle like that could suffice me, I should never have given myself the trouble of opening an account. A million? Excuse my smiling when you speak of a sum I am in the habit of carrying in my pocket-book or dressing-case." And with these words Monte Cristo took from his pocket a small case containing his visiting-cards, and drew forth two orders on the treasury for 500,000 francs each, payable at sight to the bearer. A man like Danglars was wholly inaccessible to any gentler method of correction. The effect of the present revelation was stunning; he trembled and was on the verge of apoplexy. The pupils of his eyes, as he gazed at Monte Cristo, dilated horribly.

Live-Action TV
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. London Tipton does this constantly. One episode had her going to Italy and was tricked into giving a couple hundred dollars to a con man. The con man feels guilty and tries to return it to her, but she replies that she just threw several times that amount into a nearby fountain. Cue everyone within earshot running toward the fountain.
  • The Howells from Gilligan's Island took a huge amount of money on a three hour boat tour. Thurston Howell would often refer to any amount of money, no matter how big, as "petty cash" to the point were it pretty much became his Catch Phrase.
  • The Drew Carey Show episode "Do the Hustle". Drew & Mimi team up on a Short Con, hustling people at the bowling alley. The first pair they did this to were a couple of doctors, from whom they win $400. Mimi, attempting to rub salt in their wounds, asks, "Just out of curiosity, how many hours will you have to work to earn that back?" The doctors look at each other, look at Mimi, and just say, "Hours? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"
  • Monk In "Mr. Monk Goes to Jail", Dale the Whale is a suspect in a murder because the victim owed him 1200 dollars. Dale's defense: "I wouldn't bend down to pick up $1200, even if I could." Monk agrees the defense is valid.
  • A Wayne and Shuster sketch had an interview with the richest man in the world. He was asked how much money he had and he replied, "6 or 7 million dollars". When the interviewers comment that it doesn't sound like much he said "Oh, I thought you meant on me."

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons episode "The Regina Monologues".
    "Let's see. What's the smallest amount of money I can think of? A thousand dollars!"
  • Futurama. In Three Hundred Big Boys:, Zoidberg attempts to buy a silk tapestry with a $300 tax rebate;
    Zoidberg: One artwork please!
    (He waves $300 bill around)
    Mom: Ahahah, that's a great impersonation of a stupid poor person. How much is this wall cover worth?
    Zap Brannigan: One hundred billion dollars.
    Mom: Now that's carrying-around-money.
    (She then proceeds to blow her nose on a three hundred dollar bill)

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