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Weak Point Pose
A boss makes himself vulnerable when he takes a moment to mock you.
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It's not uncommon for bosses to let their guards down for a brief window of time. They may need to take a breather, or prepare an attack that takes a few seconds to charge. And then there are bosses who will leave themselves open just to laugh at you or do some posing.

The Weak Point Pose is a motion or stance that a boss takes for the sole purpose of taunting the hero and letting the player know when the boss's defenses are down. It may be justified in-universe if the boss is a Large Ham with Suicidal Overconfidence.

Sub-Trope of Boss Vulnerability. Compare Tactical Suicide Boss.


  • Minjy-Jongo from Banjo-Tooie is only vulnerable when he stops to laugh at you.
  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum, the key to damaging Titan- enhanced Joker is to latch onto him with the batclaw while he's taunting the news choppers flying overhead.
  • In the final boss fight of BioShock, Fontaine reverts back to a set of medical restraints for a recharge of ADAM, and to tell you how badly you're going to lose. You take this opportunity to attack him, and drain him of his ADAM.
  • Brock, the True Final Boss of Dead Rising, will start laughing at you the moment the fight begins, giving Frank the cue to move in for an attack.
  • Bleak in Donkey Kong Country 3 will periodically stop firing snowballs at you in order to laugh, exposing the weakspot on his chest in the process.
  • At one point during the fight with Hercules in God of War III, Hercules will use an attack that stuns Kratos, then turns his back on Kratos in order to gloat to Hera, who's watching the fight from a nearby balcony. Once Kratos recovers from the stun, this is his cue to steal Hercules' Nemean Cestus.
  • Killer Instinct 2's endboss Gargos will occasionally laugh, which would leave him totally open if you get a chance, and can also heal a chunk of his health. If the player does it, the only benefit the laugh gives is the ability to reflect projectiles.
  • In Kingdom Hearts, Hercules will occasionally stop to pose, giving Sora the perfect opportunity to hit him with the barrel. While this can be done at any time, the posing gives Sora the best chance to launch an attack without fear of retaliation.
  • Shao Kahn of Mortal Kombat fame will frequently take a break mid- fight to point at you and call you pathetic.
  • Most of the boxers in the Wii version of Punch-Out!! are guilty of this, particularly Disco Kid and Super Macho Man.
  • In Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break on the Game Boy, Arnold the Pit Bull is vulnerable only when he stops walking and starts flexing his arms.

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