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Broke up offscreen
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YKTTW Bump. Nowhere Man let this one go. So I'm fixing it up before launching.

Last time we saw Alice and Bob, they were dating. Things seemed to be going fine, and they're happily in love. Now we see Bob flirting with Carol. Someone brings up the fact that he was dating Alice, and Bob will respond with "We broke up", or "Things didn't work out".

This is more than a little jarring because it is just freeing up Bob to be in a new relationship (Or to be single), without actually showing how the last one ended.


  • In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Dearka Elsman and Miriallia Haww seem to be headed vaguely in the direction of becoming a couple, and apparently do so following the end of the series - only to have broken up before the beginning of sequel series Gundam SEED Destiny.
  • Pokémon: Might not fit becuase we never saw Brock and Proffessor Ivy dating, but we never really find out what happened between the two.

  • This exact same thing happens with the direct to video An American Tail movies. Tony Toponi had his Love at First Sight moment with Bridget in the first movie and they seemed like soul mates. Come the third movie, not only is the second movie now All Just a Dream but Bridget is gone for some reason and Tony is flirting with someone else.
  • In the Die Hard series, John McClane makes up with ex-wife Holly in the first two films, but he's single again at the start of the third.
  • Indy and Marion between ''Raiders'' and ''Last Crusade''
  • Men In Black. Linda Fiorentino is (kinda) Will Smith's love interest; come the next movie, she's outta there! (Because she apparently wanted to go back to normal life...)
  • Ben and Abigail between the two National Treasure movies.
  • Pocahontas and John Smith between the two Disney Pocahontas movies.

Live-Action TV
  • Leonard's girlfriend in The Big Bang Theory.
  • The second season of Da Capo subverts this: The protagonist of the first season is constantly minded by his haremettes and there are hints that his first season love interest either broke up with him or died... Only it turns out she just moved away for a bit and comes back at around the halfway point of the series.
  • Fourth season of Dexter: First time we see Angel he's romancing Laguerta. When asked about the girlfriend he had last season, he mentions that it didn't work out.

Video Game

Web Comic

Western Animation
  • Jay being single in the Webisodes following The Critic Season 2 was explained with one of the first lines:
    "What happened to your self-respect?"
    "I lost it in the second divorce settlement."
  • In Kim Possible, both Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable end up dumped in the middle of season 1 or was it season 2; yet; don't end up dating each other until the end of the movie Kim Possible: So The Drama. Even than, Ron Stoppable needed to be reinsured that they were actually dating and he wasn't just dreaming it for the beginning of season 4.

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