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I'm a cowboy,
On a steel horse I ride.
And I'm wanted
Dead or Alive.
-- Jon Bon Jovi, "Dead or Alive"

Using a Cool Bike as the replacement for a Cool Horse, in a modernized take on older tropes.

Cool or not, in a modern day setting, it would appear weird to ride a horse on the streets. After all, for our standards, they are slow, smelly, and quite impractical. But due to their similar physical structure, motorbikes can fill the same role in the plot, with the added benefit that they are loud and shiny.

For example a Knight in Shining Armor, a Cowboy, or the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, could always upgrade to a bike if they need to appear in a modern day setting.

Occasionally, a Cool Car can also fill the same "metaphorical horse" role.

Contrast with Automaton Horses, that is an inversion when actual, natural horses are treated like machines by the plot, and Compare to Mechanical Horse, a machine that actually looks like a horse.


Comic Books
  • DC Comics superheroes Knight and Squire ride motorbikes.
  • When Jonah Hex was transported to the post-appocolyptic future in the series Hex, he swapped his horse for a cool motorcycle.
  • In Top 10: The Forty-Niners, the Black Rider is a Zorro-inspired hero who "cuts a dashing figure" atop his motorcycle Midnight.
  • In She-Hulk, the time-displaced Western hero Two-Gun Kid receives a sky-cycle as a gift from his descendant Hawkeye via Video Will. The Kid explicitly compares it to a horse.
  • Marvel hero the Black Knight used to ride a flying motorcycle he called his "atomic steed". He got it from the Knights of Wundagore, who naturally used it in a similar fashion.
  • Inverted in Ghost Rider, where the character's Retroactive Legacy establishes that Riders of previous eras often rode a Hellish Horse or other animal native to their region. Using a horse to supplant a motorcycle.

  • In The Movie, Ghost Rider has a demonic motorbike that includes a horse's skull.
  • Robocop 2. Alex Murphy has a joust with Cain: Murphy on a motorcycle, Cain in an armored car.


Live-Action TV
  • On Get Smart Smart went undercover to break up a medievel-themed biker gang which jousted on motorbikes.
  • In Kamen Rider Kuuga, the Gouram was originally armor for a horse that the original ancient Kuuga would ride. When Kuuga returned in the modern day, it adapted to work with a motorcycle instead.
  • One episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker featured a Hell's Angel riff on the classic Headless Horseman myth.
  • The Horseman "War" in Supernatural drove a red Ford Mustang.

Manga & Anime
  • In Durarara!, one of the characters is a modern-day headless fairy called a dullahan. Her preferred method of getting around was a reanimated headless horse, but she was forced to leave it behind when she boarded the ship for Japan. But she soon replaced it with a pitch-black motorcycle that rides through the streets without any headlights, inspiring fear and awe into any that look upon it. Oddly enough, it also whinnies on occasion.
  • Inverted in the Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds manga, in which the Skeleton Knight uses a horse instead of the motorcycles that everyone else uses while dueling.

Western Animation
  • On Justice League Unlimited, cowboy-themed hero Vigilante rides a motorcycle.
  • In one of the Scooby-Doo movie, there's a spear-wielding ghost knight who has a ghost horse. Fred tries to fight him using a motorcycle and a long iron pipe.

Video Games
  • There was a rumor about a Legend of Zelda game called A Link to the Future, in which Link would ride a motorcycle called "Epona".

Real Life
  • A common vehicle in 3rd-world Asia is the "autorickshaw", essentially a buggy pulled by a motorcycle.
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