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The GLaDOS Effect
Mundane, sadistic, or distasteful lines of dialogue are spoken by a computer and become comedy gold.
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Needs a Better Title The GLaDOS effect is when an the juxtaposition between an artificially intelligent computer's emotionless (or inappropriately emotion-filled) voice and the content of their dialogue makes the lines that they say funnier than they're worth. It works particularly well with lines that would normally be accompanied by heaps of nuance, so that the speakers lack of it is exaggerated. Examples
  • GLaDOS from Portal and Portal 2 gets most of her comedy from this trope, unflinchingly saying things like "The floor here will kill you. Please try to avoid it." and "Fun fact: the device is now more valuable than the organs and combined incomes of everyone in the facility."
  • Phineas And Ferb's robot Norm was programmed to talk like a stereotypical businessman, and delivers all his dialogue with the same upbeat, enthusiastic tone (e.g., "We're all very impressed with your numbers, sir!"). This creates a comedic effect when he says things like "Secretly, I'm very lonely!"
  • K9 in Doctor Who, and especially when expressing his opinion of Mr Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures.
    • Also Doctor Who related: a popular bit in UK comedy is Daleks saying things that don't involve the extermination of other lifeforms, in the same electronic screech they usually use. For instance, this Kit-Kat advert.
      "GIVE US A HUG"
  • You Find Yourself In a Room is this 100% of the game. The evil computer controls everything, and arbitrarily decides to cut off the player's hands. (You probably didn't deserve them anyway.)
  • Parodied in Superhero Movie every time Stephen Hawking is on screen. His robotic delivered lines are hilarious.
    (while being stung by bees) "Ouch, ouch, ouch. Shit, shit, shit."
    (falling off a skyscraper) "Shit, shit, shit."
    (seeing a girl bend over) "You have one hell of an ass-"(she turns around)"-stronomy career ahead of you."

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