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A Stock Phrase used after a tree, or a tall object, is felled. Common in cartoons where the tree falls on a character or causes considerable damage to something, or both.

Another gag is to have characters wonder who this Tim(othy) Ber person is, and why everybody's calling for him.


Comic Books
  • Happens in a Teen Titans comic where Mammoth is knocked out. For a few moments, he just stands there looking dazed but then he starts to fall (landing on Gizmo). Changeling calls out "Timber!" as he falls.
  • Often used in a Canada, Eh? setting, as in Daltons in the Blizzard: the Daltons are wandering through the forest, when suddenly they hear "Timber!" and huddle around trying to understand what it means. One gets as far as "I think it's something lumberjacks yell whenever they're cutting down a-" before being interrupted by the tree nearly falling on them.


  • Timber by FaLnX:
    ...Get out of my waaaaay! Timbeeeeer!

Western Animation
  • Chuck Jones produced an internet cartoon series about a timberwolf who had a tree fall on him everytime he said "Timber".
  • A typical Tex Avery gag: a character chops down a tree, usually so that it falls on another character. He runs out of the way and starts shouting "Tim..." when the tree falls on him. "..ber."

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