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Seen It a Million Times, please post examples! :)

Quite simply, a character who's everywhere. This is a recurrent(though usually minor) character who, for some reason, keeps showing up wherever the heroes go. This isn't the same as a Goldfish Poop Gang, since those are characters that actively follow the heroes. Mister Everywhere may or may not interact with the heroes, but for some reason, he's pretty much everywhere the heroes go.


Anime and Manga
  • Antonio, Carlos and Jobim, the Three Old Men from Cowboy Bebop. A striking example, since they tend to appear in different planets each time they show up.
  • Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny from Pokémon. It's lampshaded in the show that they are multiple of them, one in each town, but the trope still applies.

Video Games
  • Marcus Kincaid from Borderlands. Not only does he personally run all his shops, he also personally drives the main characters to the start of the game.
  • Portal 2: The bird shows up here and there throughout the game until you save GLaDOS from being eaten by it.
  • Stiltzkin, the traveling moogle from Final Fantasy IX, who always seems to be close by when Zidane and his crew need to buy some supplies.
  • Final Fantasy X: Oaka the traveling merchant. He has a brother who's actually following Yuna around, too.
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