Submissive Housekeeper Offers Choices
The Breadwinner arrives home and is immediately offered comfort, usually sexual.
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Was known as "Food, a bath, or me" then "Food, Sleep, or Sex?"

Redirects: Submissive Housewife Offer, Submissive Househusband Offer, Nymphomaniac Housewife

This is typically an offer made by the Housewife, who is the submissive partner in the relationship. It can also be found in Harems, servants, or the rare House-Husband. In very rare cases, the breadwinning character may also be the housekeeper, because the dominant person in the relationship prefers things that way.

The submissive character is offering the dominate one at least two comforts/luxuries, such as a prepared meal, a warm and ready bath, or sexual gratification. Downplayed examples may ignore the offer of sex, while Exaggerated examples may offer multiple partners, or show up in a Naked Apron.

Merely making the offer implies the submissive/dominate roles of the relationship between the characters, because the submissive is ready for "anything" asked of them. Only one option doesn't qualify, unless it's a Hobson's choice where each option leads to the same result.


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    Anime, Light Novel, and Manga 
  • In Ai Yori Aoshi, Aoi says this during an Imagine Spot by Kaoru. Inside it, it didn't matter which choice he picked, because he gets her no matter what.
  • In Book of Bantorra, Hamyuts Meseta asks if Mallatast (who she considers her "boytoy") wants "dinner, bath, or me?". Mallatast chooses the sex, and Bridal Carries her to their bedroom.
  • An Exaggerated Trope in Daily Life with Monster Girl, where Lamia girl Miia gives the "food, bath, or me?" offer complete with the Naked Apron to her exchange program host Kimihito (wearing a Salary Man outfit) in one of her Imagine Spots. The response (she imagined) was "I'll have YOU for dinner IN the bath, Miia!", and we get a shot of him doing her on the bathtub still wearing her apron while he's still wearing Salary Man uniform.
  • An Exaggerated Trope by Nyarko in the Haiyore! Nyarko-san anime, as she offers Mahiro three choices, all of them her.:
    "You must've had a hard day at work. Would you like to start with me? Or would you prefer me first? Or maybe you'd like... me?"
  • In Love Hina, Mutsumi gets a crack on the head and her personality reverts to being five years old. She offers a choice that implies sex while "playing house" with Keitaro, making him and Naru wonder whether she's screwing with them or not.
  • The title character of Saki subtly suggests sex in Kyoutaro's imagine spot of Nodoka in episode 4.
    "Welcome home darling. Would you like something to eat? Or maybe a bath? Or perhaps..."
  • Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo. Subverted by Misaki in the first episode as she offers Sorata dinner, bath, or.... underwear note 
  • In Sasameki Koto, protagonist Sumika fantasizes about Ushio becoming a housewife and offering her a choice that includes sex.
  • Mafuyu, while play-acting as Sugisaki's wife in Seitokai no Ichizon Lv. 2, goes from offering food or bath to offering him sex with the older guy, Nakameguro.
    "Welcome home, Darling. Will you start with dinner? Or a bath? Or... Nakameguro-sempai?"
  • A Subverted Trope inStrike The Blood, while Kojou Akatsuki is aboard another vampire lord's boat. Several bikini-clad women introduce themselves as maids and offer to wash his back. When he refuses, they offer to wash his front, which he refuses even harder. He questions whether they actually are maids, and they reveal the subversion: they're political hostages from foreign lands, trying to seduce him so that they'd become pregnant with the child of the most powerful vampire in the world, which would guarantee them political status.
  • In Yubisaki Milk Tea, Hidari once greets her father when he came home by offering him dinner, bath, or herself. He decides to go to bed, instead.

  • Coffee, Tea, or Me?, a book about the airline industry in the 1960's, discusses this trope, putting the offer in the title.

     Video Games 
  • A Downplayed trope in the bonus dungeon "Mysterious Unison" from Eternal Sonata. There is a soul orb called Mute who offers your party the choice of a shower first, or if you want to eat. If you choose Shower and have enough Gold, your party is healed. If you choose Eat and have the max amount of Gold of 99,999,999, then your party is granted a Soul Shard item, one of seven found in the dungeon.
  • From Time and Eternity, in order to gauge how strong the bond between the soon to be married main couple is, a guardian asks them a question. The guardian basically asks which would the guy choose after coming home; food, a bath, or his blushing bride. With the guardian being a Dirty Old Man, the correct answer is the guy's bride.

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