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Standard Issue Medical Equipment
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Rolling Updates! I'm launching this soon.

Things every doctor wears on TV (and those who play them) You know, lab coat, stetoscope on neck, a (obsolete) doctor's mirror on forehead, dinky little glasses, and specially for Deadly Doctors, big rubber gloves and lots of syringes. What easier way to tell the audience what the character does besides these things?

Also, any nurses will have that cap with the red cross on it.

  • Dr. Mario
  • The Red Guy from Cow and Chicken whenever he's a doctor.
  • Dr. House usually averts this.
  • Dr Mcninja always wears a lab coat and stethoscope, in addition to the ninja mask and katana.
  • The Mr. Men Show: As part of its sketch comedy nature, any time the characters are portrayed as doctors, they'll have the the headband with mirror and stethoscope.
  • Averted in Scrubs where JD only ever wears the usual white coat in one episode and it's a plot point then. Many other doctors do wear it, though. They sear (and use) stetoscopes, however.
  • Given a nod in Airplane!! when Dr. Rumack is introduced wearing a stethoscope for no reason, first shown right after he's asked if he's a doctor.
  • Part of the whole ever-present costumes in Team Fortress 2: The medic only wears a white labcoat. A patch eventually added a Randomly Drops mirror for his head.
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