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Internal Conflict Embodied

Another character seems from their role to represent the unexpressed thoughts of another character.

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Ever have doubts deep-down about some idea of yours, and imagine them being expressed by others? This is for characters, often a form of Imaginary Friend, who seem to represent these doubts on someone else's part, as a form of foil.

Perhaps character X is suppressing these doubts, or perhaps character X just doesn't want to say them out loud. But character Y, who is subtly implied to be X's internal conflict embodied, has his or her role in the story be to express them, whether this is vaguely implied or confirmed by the author.

Sometimes Good Angel, Bad Angel is used as a form of this.

EDIT: I am still not sure how to describe this, or even how narrowed-down this should be, so input on either might be useful.


Anime and Manga

Live-Action TV

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Western Animation
  • Nadine to DW, from Arthur. Nadine frequently lectures DW on subjects like safety, as if to suggest that deep down she realizes there is more value to these lessons than she will admit.
  • The Gargoyles to Quasimodo, from the Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, especially when they're encouraging him to go to the festival (a thought he evidently represses so as to avoid it coming out in conversations with Frollo) and when they're trying to help Quasimodo out of his Heroic B.S.O.D.. (Viewable here.)
  • Jiminy Cricket as Pinocchio's concience.
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