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Alternate title: Noodle Surgery, but that's stretching things a little bit.

Surgeries are dangerous and delicate things and there's a reason brain surgeons get their genius reputation as they have to spend hours carefully maneuvering their tools and any mistake can cost their patient's life.

Naturally, expect this aspect of medicine to be thrown away in the name of comedy: the nurse will give the surgeon a hammer and he'll immediately proceed to whack away violently, then an axe and proceed to hack away, then a drill, then a chainsaw, then Noodle Implements, then...

Don't expect to see what's going on with the patient during the operation or an explanation on why piercing his head is going to help with his Hiccup Hijinks, but he'll step away from the operation room completely healthy and his medical problem will be gone, or at least not horribly mutilated.


My memory sucks, So Yeah.
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