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Essentially Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The characters get involved in some sort of zany (often slapstick-like) antics in a public zoo. Expect at least one person to be cornered by some sort of vicious animal (lion, tiger, bear, etc.) and try to "shoo" it away or distract it.

The trope title is, of course, a pun on Hilarity Ensues. I like puns.

Up for Grabs. Will try to keep Rolling Updates as best I'm able.


  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn! episode 14, "First Date!? Hell's Zoo": Highlights include having to recapture all the animals after Rambo blows up all their cages, and Ryohei testing his strength "to the extreme" by fighting a bear - at a video game.

  • Anchorman has the scene where the Channel 4 News Team goes to the San Diego Zoo to investigate Yet Another Baby Panda. Highlights include Ron jumping into the Bear Pit to save Veronica from certain danger (without thinking his plan all the way through) and a rival news anchor getting his (one remaining) arm ripped off.
  • Two words: Fierce Creatures. Another few words: not nearly as funny as the zooless A Fish Called Wanda.
  • Old Dogs: Three of the protagonists try to sneak into a zoo and end up tangling with a gorilla and killer penguins.

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's / Sorceror's Stone: Harry's first bit of accidental wizardry involved letting a snake out of its case and trapping Dudley in it.
  • Not exactly zany, but in one Animorphs book they go to the zoo and end up having to rescue a kid who falls in the crocodile pit. Rachel ends up discovering she's allergic to crocodile DNA (It Makes Sense in Context) It ends with a grizzly bear fighting a crocodile on national TV while scaring the crap out of an infuriatingly annoying teen star.
  • Dr. Seuss's If I Ran the Zoo.

Live-Action TV
  • Malcolm in the Middle had a zoo episode. Highlights included Hal being bitten on the face by a tarantula during a demonstration, and Malcolm and Dewey getting trapped in the tiger pit.

Western Animation
  • There was an episode of The Replacements that had this as the plot. Riley replaces the zookeeper with someone who, she thinks, will take better care of the animals. She (the replacement) lets all the animals free. At the end of the episode, the animals are allowed to run free in a Golf Park, making it Hilarity In Golf Parks.
  • There's the extremely controversial Simpsons episode "Homer vs. Dignity", where Homer gets molested by a panda. It's still regarded as a major Dethroning Moment of Suck by fans.
  • There is a very early Looney Tunes cartoon featuring Egghead (the precursor to Elmer Fudd), who eventually gets eaten by a lion--but we also take a look at all the other zoo animals as well.
    • There's another featuring Pepe Le Pew one where the animals react to his smell.
  • An episode of DuckTales did this, when the Beagle Boys steal Gyro's furniture mover ray to steal Scrooge's money. Huey, Dewey and Louie eventually find them but get chased away by the Beagle Boys, into a zoo. Hilarious antics include a gorilla being teleported between two lovers about to share a kiss, and an elephant being teleported in front of an elevator.
  • There was the episode of Ren and Stimpy in which they dressed as monkeys and lived at the zoo.
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