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Rage Comics

Those comic strips that are on the web

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They're a very interesting phenomenon, and through the time they have managed to accumulate a fair number of tropes and storytelling conventions of their own. I know works are a free lunch, but I wanted to throw it here so we could gather together around it, and see what to do and if there's anything to be done about it. After all, they are revolutionary in a way...

Here comes my rambling on my own perspective...

Where conventional storytelling is about a hero facing challenges, these are like public confessions of the collective mind, celebrating and laughing at the coward, the fool and the lazy shying form the challenges, shirking from responsibility, betraying and cheating and lying, more out of inertia than out of malice. I don't think I've seen this displayed even in the "villains' side" stories of fiction. Villains tend to be purposeful, dynamic, dramatic, and creative. Punch clock villains are merely incompetent. But these... the Yao Mings and the Me Gusta and the Challenge Accepted... they are worse than vile. After their laughter passes, nothing of value remains, no values remain, nothing has any meaning, and the only things that count are immediate gratification, stuck in a world of local maxima, stuck at ground level and below...
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