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Normally bullets are used to damage or kill whatever they hit, but there are special bullets that are not primarily intended to do that.

Compare Abnormal Ammo and Trick Arrow.


Anime and Manga
  • In Ghost in the Shell, Togusa likes to put these in his gun. In the first movie and an episode of the series he does it with a tracking device (fired into a car).

  • XXX featured both standard tranq rounds and a "blood drop" round that not only delivered a dose of tranquilizer but included a blood squib that made it look like the tranq'd target was actually shot with a standard bullet.
  • Phone Booth: The cops shoot Stu with a rubber bullet to trick the sniper
  • The mutant-cure delivering bullets from the X-Men films.
  • The bullets in Wanted; the conceit is that some are multiple-stage bullets, like an Apollo-era rocket, and are designed to be able to bend, manuever or otherwise change their course in flight.

Live-Action TV
  • The security guard on Wonderfalls carries a gun with rubber bullets. The effect is that they knock the target off his feet without wounding him.

Tabletop Games
  • Paranoia cone rifle shells.
    • ECM: electronic jamming equipment - any electrical equipment (including robots) in the Area of Effect stopped working.
    • Smoke: smoke cloud that blocked normal vision.
    • Corrosion gas: damaged all metal in the Area of Effect.
    • Vomit gas: caused severe nausea in victims.
    • Gauss gas: laser fire through the Area of Effect is more effective.
    • Dirt gas: made laser reflec armor less effective.
    • Hallucinogenic gas: Oh look! Beautiful pink unicorns!
  • Shadowrun
    • Paintball rounds - used to mark enemies for later identification.
    • Gel ammo: does stun damage instead of lethal.

Video Games
  • Ghost Trick: Cabanela fires a special bullet into Yomiel's body, which can be tracked by a modified pocket watch.

Western Animation
  • Hanna-Barbera's Ricochet Rabbit would fire bullets that - for example - would stop in front of the bad guy, open up to show a hand carrying a mallet, and bop the bad guy on the head.
  • In Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century, Dodgers fires an Ultimatum Gun at Marvin, which shoots a bullet that stops in mid-air, opens and out pops a written ultimatum. Marvin responds with an Ultimatum Responder, which fires a bullet that stops and shoots a bullet of its own. Dodgers fires the Ultimatum gun again, and this time the bullet's message reads "Ouch!"
  • In one Halloween Episode of Gargoyles, Owen shoots a were-Fox with a gun, later revealing that it was neither a bullet nor a tranquilizer, but a tracking and monitoring device. There was also the episode where Dr. Sevarius shot Elisa's brother with a gun loaded with a vial of Mutagenic Goo that turned him into a pseudo-gargoyle (a flying cat-monster thing).

Real Life
  • These exist to some degree in Real Life; tracer rounds (which are essentially bullets with built in flairs to help the gunner correct their aim) can be found in most caliburs but shotgun shells take the overall award, ignoreing stuff like grenades and other weapons we have;
    • Rounds designed to breach doors.
    • Beanbag rounds (designed to be less-lethal).
    • More recently; Taser rounds, although they're still experimental (most recently seen in the case of Raul Moat.
  • Grenade Launchers can fire signal flares when needed

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