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Inconspicious Infamous Person
No one recognizes John "Unstoppable Rage" Smith until it's too late.
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Needs More Examples. Badly.

The problem with having a character of really bad fame in your premise is that everyone else would normally run away when they see him. This is where this trope comes into play - people who meet said character suddenly catch the Idiot Ball and do not recognize him even by his most well-known traits, usually until it's too late.



[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
  • {{Durarara!!}} - Despite Shizuo's fame as the strongest fighter in Ikebukuro, random thugs never recognize him, even though he should clearly stand out in his Limited Wardrobe bartender outfit.
  • One Piece - Most characters, even Marines who really should know better, do not see the connection between the main character being a world-famous pirate known as Straw Hat Luffy and the fact that he wears a straw hat all the time. It always takes them seeing his Devil Fruit powers to realize who he is.
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