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Bread Equals Civilization
This how people tend to mention the ability bake Bread when listing the things that mark out civilisation
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In fiction there are many things people mention when they attempt to list things that make humans special, make us the civilisation builders we are, farming, conceptualisation, morality, curiosity, language. One thing that tends to oddly be involved in such lists is the ability bake bread.

In fact, it is fair to say that not only is bread a mark of a civilized culture, but the type and quality of the bread may act as a marker of the type and quality of the culture and its moral codes. For instance, The Bible speaks of unleavened bread during the Passover, this was to distinguish themselves ritually from the Egyptians. And again in Ezekiel, when it says to mix several grains and even lentils and beans to make a very healthy bread. And according to one history book, Hitler was a great proponent of whole grain breads, possibly due to his fanaticism with the strength and racial purity of his citizens.

Bread is found nearly everywhere, from unleavened matzos and pita in the Middle East, to filled steamed buns in China and Japan, to all manner of types and qualities. There isn't even a requirement that one use wheat, any sort of grain will do, whether rice or barley, or even potatoes. Why is such a thing used to stand for civilization? Who knows, but it is.


  • in 28 days later the leader of the soldiers puts baking bread on the list things the infected cannot do that will lead to their starvation

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