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Middle F-Bomb Name
A character refers to himself by his full name, but replaces his middle name with an F-word.
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Some characters like to drop their own name... and then some characters like to drop an F-bomb into the middle of their name. Usually, this bit of gratuitous profanity replaces the middle name entirely.

Jerkass and Narcissist characters love to do this. If it becomes a Catch Phrase or happens at least Once an Episode, Cluster F-Bomb may ensue. Expect some form of censorship to occur if this happens on network TV or basic cable... either the objectionable word will be bleeped out, or the character will say "Freakin'" instead.

Characters also like to do this in regards to people they really hate. Or conversely, people they think are really cool or badass.

Compare Third-Person Person, of which this is a subtrope. Can also be related to Metaphor is My Middle Name, but only if the situation being metaphored involves actual sex.



Live-Action TV
  • On Action, the protagonist loved to refer to himself in this way. He did it at least Once an Episode.

Video Games

Web Original
  • A Very Potter Sequel has the song "Harry Freaking Potter," in which the ensemble repeats the words "Harry Freaking Potter" at least a dozen times.
  • In the Editing Room script parodies, Samuel L. Jackson is always referred to as Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson.

Wester Animation
  • In the Futurama episode "Silence of the Clamps," an enraged Zoidberg shouts "I'm John ****ing Zoidberg!". This was for shock value, as Zoidberg's normal character is normally that of a terrified, starving animal, and the Futurama cast normally self-censors.

Real Life
  • Fans of romance novelist Nora Roberts call her "Nora Fucking Roberts."
  • I remember an interview someone did with Harrison Ford that went like this:

Interviewer: Do you ever want to put on the leather jacket and hat?

Ford: No, I don't have any of that stuff. George Lucas has it all in some underground vault at Skywalker Ranch or something.

Interviewer: Really? Why is that?

Ford: Why is that? Because he's George Fucking Lucas.
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