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Chaos Plot
Good guy dies. God or equivalent grants powers. Arbitrary practice time. good guy comes back.
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The protagonist is about to die, and very powerful beings keep him/her alive and usually add superpowers. The protagonist now works for or against the interveners, but is also bound to personal conflicts.

There are some common extras:
  • An inexplicable betrayal by the protagonist's friends.
    • This usually results in a return to face he betrayers.
  • An absolute A-Hole who everyone inexplicably likes.
  • A Gender Bender or body change occurs in order to be able to gain powers.


Fan Works
  • In the Percy Jackson and the Olympians fandom, the fanonical god Chaos rescues the titular character, who has been inexplicably betrayed by his friends and on the brink of death. He then is forced through an arbitrary training course and sent back home after this arbitrarily long time to find that his betrayers are now immortalised, and the world seems to have had no particular changes since he has left.

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