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Not Even Bothering With The Uniform

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Schools, armies, and some workplaces have uniforms, and wearing them is an unfortunate fact of life. Some seek to circumvent the rules and express their individuality by customising it, but for the true rebels, there is only one true solution - don't wear it at all!

Yes, the best way to mark a character as rebellious and badass is to show them refusing to wear the uniform at all. Instead of just adding a few stickers, they'll show up wearing whatever they please, thank you very much.

This can go one of two ways:
  1. Establishment of rebellion: Someone shows up one day without the uniform, to much shock and surprise. They then face a battle for the right to wear what they wish.
  2. Nobody cares: This character doesn't wear the uniform, but nobody gives a damn. It establishes that this character is so badass it's not even worth trying to get them to follow the rules.

This trope is absolutely not Truth in Television. As about 1/3 of tropes are well aware, not wearing one's school uniform is a very good way of getting sent home.


  • Neither Billy nor Irwin are ever seen in uniform in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. While tempting to shalk this up to lazy animation, Mandy always wears her uniform in school; make of what what you will.
  • The title character of Minnie the Minx also doesn't wear her uniform to school. This may be to make it easier on the artist, though it is entirely in character for her.
  • Inverted in The Bash Street Kids: The only members of the class who do wear the uniform are Cuthbert, who is a Teacher's Pet, and Fatty, presumably because his parents can't afford any more clothes.
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