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Sports fan crazy about his/her game or team
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We all know one. That one guy or girl who is absolutely fanatical about their team. They know all the players, all the stats, watch every game and will talk your ear off about them given the chance. They can be from any walk of life, and are perhaps the most acceptable type of nerd.

In fiction, usually portrayed endearingly or Played for Laughs as someone so over the top they have trouble maintaining any semblance of balance in their life. A type of Hollywood Nerd, probably the most socially-acceptable of all types of fandom. The spouse of one can be a Sports Widow. A subtrope of Pastimes Prove Personality.


  • The protagonist of the American version of Fever Pitch is a crazy Red Sox fan. Its an integral part of the movie. The British versions have a mad Arsenal fan instead, as the book is autobiographical and author Nick Hornby follows and explores his own passionate Arsenal support.
  • Sandy from The Rebound who keeps her own file of statistics and analysis to help her fantasy teams. Turns out be a bit of Chekovs Skill when it helps her get a job as a researcher for a sports show.
  • Played for Drama in The FAN about a fan with crazed love for his team who blames them for his own rapidly disintegrating life and becomes homicidal.

Live Action TV

Western Animation
  • In Futurama, Fry's mother is such a sports nut that she refuses to stop watching a game on TV while giving birth to him.
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