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Rarely Aired Episode
An episode that is aired on TV, but not that much.
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Sometimes an episode is never aired on TV. Other times, certain episodes, for whatever reason, are aired, but only rarely. The reasons behind this can be similar to those behind a Missing Episode. It's basically an episode of a certain show that's Screwed by the Network. Sometimes this trope can even apply to an entire season!

Holiday episodes, of course, air only once a year in most cases. They don't need to be mentioned here.


Live-Action TV
  • The "Ultimate Mythbuster" episode of Mythbusters rarely airs, and isn't available on US DVD release (it was nothing but a series of competitions between Jamie and Adam. Given Jamie's stated opinion of in-show competitions, it probably won't be aired all that much).
  • Several episodes of The Goodies were originally excluded from the show's original airings in Australia, where it was shown as children's program. These episodes, such as "Gender Education", have only turned up on Australian TV in recent years.
  • The Grand Finale of M*A*S*H is seldom aired due to its feature length (two-and-a-half hours total, without commercials). Because of this, when it does air, it's invariably part of a day-long marathon, usually on a holiday.
  • "The Puerto Rican Day" episode of Seinfeld borders on a Banned Episode with some networks due to Kramer offhandedly claiming riots are common in Puerto Rico and accidentally burning a Puerto Rican flag. Michael Richard's racist outburst at a heckler in 2007 didn't help.

Western Animation
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