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A Swede Named Rodriguez
When someone is given a name that is normally exclusive to another race or cultural group
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Does the hero encounter someone with a heavy British accent yet a Chinese name, yet they have no Asian heritage whatsoever? Then that man the hero encounters is A Swede Named Rodriguez.

Authors do this for two reasons. One, the foreign name may be really cool. Two, they like names, but they've already established the Token character of that race but still want to use the name for a character.

Compare Stock Foreign Name (when the foreign name used is something ridiculously common). Swedes Named Rodriguez may be the result of a Race Lift

I know this is a thing, but my extremely small literary interests have prevented me from knowing most of these, please give me examples to add. Cheers!

Also note this is a WIP, thanks.

I'd also like help in how to put a picture in with the little caption box under it like in proper articles.


Live Action TV

  • In an episode of Seinfeld Jerry gets a Wrong Number from a woman named Donna Chang and has a lovely conversation with her, thinking she's Chinese. It turns out she's Jewish, her family name originally being Changstein. George's mother gets some good advice from Ms Chang over the phone, but once she finds out that Chang isn't Chinese she rejects the advice.

Video Games
  • In Art of Fighting, Robert Garcia is an Italian with a Spanish surname, and speaks with a Kansai Regional Accent (admittedly to give an analogue to someone speaking English with Italian accent).

Western Animation

  • In The Spectacular Spider-Man Liz looks and sounds like a Hispanic young woman, but her last name is Allan. The reason for this being the character was the result of a Race Lift from the source material. The producers agreed the show needed more diversity and okayed updating her design, but felt her name was iconic to the franchise and requested it be retained.

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